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Post by Tori0342 on Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:48 pm

Welcome to our roleplaying forums of MovieStarPlanet! There's some things you must know before you join.
Friendly Foruming
When roleplaying on the forums, you can't just go around saying "Hey, if you don't add my character to the list i'll make you pay.". That would be extremely rude! Some things that aren't tolerable here are the following.
-Spam Since this is a roleplay forum, it's alright if a topic constantly goes to the top of the board. What isn't okay is if someone constantly bumps the forum. Refer to the bumping policy forum if you are unsure on how the bumps work. Something else that won't be tolerated is if discrimination happens. For instance, making your account's only purpose to comment on every roleplay stating "This roleplay sucks!!" is unacceptable and considered spam. It is okay if you give a kind critique on a roleplay telling how the person can improve, however it isn't okay if an argue starts up over it, spamming the topic with fighting, unless it is in roleplay form. Wink
-Behavior Behavior issues usually lead to a message from me with a warning, then a two day ban from posting, then a ban from the forums, and if you return an IP ban. Why? Because no one likes a place filled with hate and horrible attitudes. Be nice to others, and they should be nice back. If someone harasses your roleplay or roleplays without following the rules, then let me know and the situation will be fixed with ease.
-Locking Our lock policy isn't too intense, if you post anything besides a roleplay in any section other than the Fun Discussions section, it will automatically be deleted, no questions asked. The only way a roleplay can be locked is if your roleplay format ceases to follow the forum format rules. If someone is improperly roleplaying, then please message them referring them to this topic telling them to read the forum formatting section. If they disobey, you are allowed to remove them from your roleplay, making things easier. If they do anything that breaks your roleplay's rules, please tell them to fix it or the possibility of removal from your roleplay will occur. A roleplay will be locked for one reason, and that is if your roleplay doesn't follow our formatting.
Forum Formatting
Forum formatting for roleplays here is a little different than the way MSP forums does it. As mentioned in our banner, we like to keep things organized. That's why we've got efficient ways to make forum roleplays nice and clean.
-Roleplay Setup Setting up a roleplay is very fun, yet time consuming. If you wish to do a quick roleplay setup, then there is a way to do that as well in a seperate post. Firstly, a roleplay has to be nice, so you can take the time to make it as pretty as you want. While building your roleplay, please include (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) in your title, this way things are easier to do. I go around deleting posts that cease to read the under construction signs. Please post the title of your roleplay first, and a short brief description below it. Inserting a picture above these things is optional, but it must go with your roleplay theme. Insert your contents of the roleplay. Create a new post for each piece of content, the usual content order is backstory, location, announcements, rules, skeleton, characters, and two extras.
- Content Explanations
*Backstory Simply tell the backstory of your roleplay. Example: In the year 2050, all life was demolished by an unknown creature. The few remaining survivors awoke in a room together. A voice called out to them, telling them that they were being protected, and that they must help out if they wish to stay in this protection. The survivors must gather food and resources weekly for the protection and survive while doing it if they wish to keep the lives they have.
*Location Post the location here with a brief description, photos of the location are strongly encouraged.
*Announcements This post is made specially for announcements in the roleplay,for instance, if the roleplay gets disbanded and you wish to lock it, you could post letting your fellow roleplayers know that it is over and that it is disbanded. You can also make announcements about things like character punishments, deaths, penalties, and major events. When an announcement is announced, add this to the title of your forum. "ANNOUNCEMENT ON POST *insert number here*".
*Rules Rules for the roleplay. Examples of rules are no godmodding, *Moving characters that aren't yours without permission* No dying, No characters above age 18, etc.
*Skeleton All roleplays must be tried out for unless they are free roleplays. More info about free roleplays will be in a seperate post. You must fill out a form about your character and message it to the roleplay creator(s) and have them accept you. If they tell you to fix something, fix it if you wish to get into the roleplay. Some examples of skeleton aspects are name, age, persona, appearance(Use photo).
*Characters After you have submit your skeleton, it's up to the roleplay creator to add you to their list. They must quote your skeleton on their list of characters, this confirms that you are in their roleplay. If they don't add your character within a week, you may remind them. If they cease to ever add you, tell me and I will deal with it.
*Extras Extras are basically posts incase you need more space, you are allowed to add more aspects to your roleplay besides these basics.
-Formatting for Roleplay Posts Please, do NOT do the basic "Alexia: Hey, let's go to lunch"! It is extremely unorganized when players do dialogue this way. Please refer to your character in third or first person. Other than that, there's no limit as to how you post.
-Forum Fun Discussions As long as it's neatly done, there's no limit as to how you format on here. Go crazy! bounce flower

This topic will be updated if more rules are thought of.

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