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Quick/Free Roleplay Setup Empty Quick/Free Roleplay Setup

Post by Tori0342 on Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:08 pm

Have you ever wanted to make a roleplay on the forums yet were too tired to do it or didn't have enough time? With this quick way of setting up your roleplay, your problems will be solved.
Under the quick/free roleplay section ONLY, you are allowed to break some of the usual forum rules, such as the way you format.
Setting these roleplays up are as easy as cake! All you need to do is post the following in one post.
-Location *No pictures required*
-Your character name and description, a photo is optional
-A sentence letting people know they can join in the fun by just giving a character name,description and a photo *if preferred*
And you can start roleplaying right away! Easy, right? As much as I hate it, you can even talk how Alexia talks over there, with her "Alexia: *Eats Sandwich*", if you prefer to! So run right over to the quick/free roleplay section as if it's a field of daisies if you are sick and tired of long hours of working on roleplays. Wink flower

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